What is PICO Laser?

Discovery PICO uses the most advanced laser technology for the treatment of pigmentation and aged skin, and for tattoo removal. Standing out from the traditional Q-Switched lasers that breaks down the pigmented particles into granules, Discovery PICO works in picosecond pulses, fragmenting the particles into a really thin “dust” and breaks up melanin and pigment particles. The procedure is safe, simple, comfortable, and fast. The skin will be cleansed prior to the treatment and laser-protective goggles are positioned over the eyes. The laser beam will then be directed towards the area of concern, allowing the laser energy to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.



  • Smooth uneven skin tone
  • Reduce pigmentation
  • Reduce pore size
  • Brightening and plumping the skin
  • Minimal to no downtime
  • No anaesthetic needed
  • Used for most skin types

Ideal Number of Sessions

The ideal recommend session is 3-5 sessions with 3-4 weeks apart. To maintain skin condition, continue session is recommended.






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